Traffic Temperature 101

We all recognize that during advertising and marketing, we’ve the excellent risk of success while we will put the proper message, in the front of the right target audience at the proper time.

Understanding site visitors temperature will help us craft that ideal message.

TRAFFIC TEMPERATURE is basically a manner that we will categorize distinct traffic sources and the connection that we’ve got with the possibilities from the ones resources.

You’ve likely heard people communicate approximately warm leads or bloodless leads… This is essentially the identical element.

Traffic temperature comes in three degrees;

Cold Traffic
Warm Traffic
Hot Traffic

Our closing aim is to try and get as lots hot site visitors as viable so let’s start there and paintings our manner backwards.

These are those who recognize who we’re, know what we do and we already have a few sort of relationship with them. These are our clients – the folks on our email list.

What do we realize?

This is site visitors we very own
The courting is constructed
They understand, like and accept as true with us
We have direct access – that means we can reach out to them whenever we want
It prices us no more money to contact them

What does this seem like?

When I was signing humans up for considered one of our education webinars – the primary thing I did become notify the human beings on my e-mail listing. These humans know me and the quality of the paintings we do, so the messaging changed into simply easy…

“Hey Joe, long term no chat – wish things are well with you. We’ve been slammed for the past few months turning our inner client attraction techniques into a reproducible method and we’re going to be coaching it subsequent week on a LIVE webinar… You need to test this out.”